When there’s nothing left
But the fire in my chest
And the air that fills my lungs
I’ll hold my tears and trade my ears
For a glimpse at kingdom come

On the other side of misery
There’s a world we long see
The strife we share will take us there
To relief and sovereignty

Oh by god we’ll have our home again
By god we’ll have our home
By blood or sweat
We’ll get there yet
By god we’ll have our home

In our own towns
We’re foreigners now
Our names are spat and cursed
The headlines smack of another attack
Not the last and not the worst

Oh my fathers they look down on me
I wonder what they feel
To see their noble sons driven down
Beneath a cowards heel


The road is dark
The way is lost
My eyes they strain to see
I struggle forth to find a friend
To light the way for me

Oh my brothers can you hear my voice
Or am I all alone?
If there’s no fire to guide my way
Then I will start my own

Refrein (x2)

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